Equipment Loan Program


Program Description:


The Equipment Loan Program is a program that matches children with needed medical equipment that is not covered by insurance (or is covered by insurance but receipt is delayed) and loans it to them for the duration of need. The program also provides a way for families to “give back” by donating medical equipment to other children that their child has outgrown or no longer needs.

Signposts Ministries is not responsible for proper fitting of equipment or instruction on proper use. That is the responsibility of the child’s therapist or doctor.


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Program Goals:


To meet the physical need of proper medical equipment for children with disabilities, when insurance will not provide the equipment, or is delayed in providing the equipment. To promote a sense of community when families are able to donate equipment back into the program as well as receive loans from the program.

Please send us an email or text if you would like to ask about borrowing or donating medical equipment.