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Welcome to Signposts Ministries! We are a 501(c)3 non profit that works both in the greater Charlotte area, and internationally. We want to help families that have children with disabilities or chronic health problems by connecting them with local resources, providing educational materials, and supporting them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Annie Beth Donahue

Founder of Signposts Ministries

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Local and International Programs

ImageEquipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program is a program that matches children with needed medical equipment that is not covered by insurance (or is covered by insurance but receipt is delayed) and loans it to them for the duration of need. The program also provides a way for families to “give back” by donating medical equipment to other children that their child has outgrown or no longer needs.

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IMG_3121Signposts Spiritual Support Groups

The Spiritual Support Groups are an ongoing program that support families both spiritually and emotionally. The Spiritual Support Groups are for families that have children with disabilities or chronic health problems. A trained leader/facilitator will guide the families in discussion and prayer, using biblically based literature as a springboard for discussion.

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Facebook-iconSocial Media Outreach Program

The Social Media Outreach Program is a long term program that uses various forms of social media to reach out to families that have children with disabilities and chronic health problems as well as the general public. The Social Media Outreach makes use of the most popular forms of social media to encourage families both spiritually and emotionally, connect them to resources, educate them on the latest information regarding both specific disabilities and general health care, and promote disability awareness to the general public through emailing newsletters, and posting blog entries, photos, links, and articles.

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IMG_7524Refugee/Immigrant Resources Program

The Refugee/Immigrant Resources Program is a short term program that     involves full case management for refugee or immigrant families that have children with disabilities or chronic health problems, with a strategic plan to gradually release all health care management back to the family as they become increasingly equipped by being connected to, and educated about, the resources in their community. Learn More

Rebecca bio pic(2)International Community Coordinator Program

The International Community Coordinator Program is a long term program that serves a specific disabled community outside of the United States. The Community Coordinator evaluates family’s needs and connects them with existing resources such as clinics, schools, therapists, etc. If there is no existing resource to meet the needs within the community, the Community Coordinator (Rebecca) works in collaboration with local resources and Signposts Ministries to bring in people to meet those needs.

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bransfordDoctor Training Program

In Africa many children are shunned because of their disability.  Dr. Bransford does operations in Africa for various disabilities for children.  He is also training medical staff  in Africa to do disability operations.  This program will set up a new training facility in an unreached part of Africa.  This program is in progress.  Your donations will help us set up a location and help locate potential medical staff for training.

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Blog Posts By Topic

Posting schedule is in progress. We should be posting consistently by May 2016.

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Ministry Updates keep you informed about what’s going on with Signposts Ministries charitable and religious work, both locally and internationally.


Monthly Posting Schedule:

Week 1: Local Missions Work

Week 2: International Missions Work

Week 3: Upcoming Needs

Week 4: Goals For The Future

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Disability Around The World posts give facts about what disability looks like in other countries. Each month we choose a new disability to focus on.


Monthly Posting Schedule:

Week 1: North and South America

Week 2: Africa

Week 3: Asia

Week 4: Europe and The Middle East

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Posts For Kids provide information about disability in a kid friendly, story form. Join Molly, a young girl from Union County, North Carolina, as she meets new friends that teach her about their differences and similarities. Each month we will have a new disability focus.


Monthly Posting Schedule:

Week 1: What Is _____?

Week 2: How To Be A Good Friend To Someone With _____.

Week 3: Parties And Playdates

Week 4: _____ In The Community (school, sports, church)


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Local Resource posts highlight disability and health care resources in the greater Charlotte, NC area.


Monthly Posting Schedule:

Weekly Posts On A Variety Of Resources


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Family Interviews give you a glance into the life of a local family that is living with disability. Families are chosen to be featured based on the disability focus for the month.


Monthly Posting Schedule:

New Interview Weekly

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Hope This Way… posts are the heart of Signposts Ministries work. These posts highlight the hope and grace found in Jesus Christ, in a way that is specific to families living with special needs in their home.

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What Makes Signposts Ministries Different?


Signposts Ministries is a non-profit that works like a community.  Most non-profit businesses have a clear line between the people they serve and their donors and volunteers.  Here, we are not a top-down operation, we are a circle of giving.


We serve families that have children with disabilities and chronic health problems.  Do you know someone that falls into that category?


The child that struggles with learning disabilities at school.  The baby with food allergies.  The neighbor that uses a wheelchair, or was just diagnosed with cancer.  The teenager that is going through depression.  I could be describing a friend, relative, or maybe even you.

Read the rest here…