I knew it would happen one day.  My son has Transformers. My brother played with them and now Ethan plays with them. I didn’t understand them then and I don’t get them now.  I tried to warn him. When you open the package, don’t move anything. Don’t turn anything. Just leave it alone. Better yet, don’t even open the package. Yes, I know the picture promises that it’s two toys in one, but trust me. If you move something, try to tinker at all, your toy will become a garbled mess.  It promises a robot that transforms to a car. A car that transforms to an airplane. A perfectly peaceful day transforms to stressful frustration.  And the directions? Oh they’re there, but they just seem so complicated.

Transformers…can one thing really become another anyway?

God says it’s possible. Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” God has done it before. The Bible is filled with examples of transformers.

Esther transformed from an orphan to a bold beauty queen who saved an entire race.

Saul transformed from a persecuting hater of Christians to a loving preacher who touched the lives of many.

Mary Magdalene transformed from demon possessed to devout follower filled with the love of Christ.

And us? Yes, He’s waiting to transform us too. Look at the three letter word before God in the verse above. LET God transform you. What does that imply? We need to allow ourselves to be transformed. The packaging needs to come off. See, God knows how to do it. He wrote the directions, after all. His Word is filled with step by step instructions.

The first one, though, it’s our move. LET God transform. Trust Him to know how to move us, turn us, and rearrange us so that we can be changed into who He has designed us to be.

Now THAT  Transformer is welcomed here!