Some of us, like my husband, are very computer savvy.

Some of us are not. (I won’t name any names here.)

For those of you who are not exactly good with those things called “spreadsheets,” “templates,” “images,” and “word processing programs,” Vital Card may be the answer for you!

Vital card is an 8.5″ X 11″  laminated card that contains all your vital medical information such as:  insurance numbers, emergency contacts, surgical history, allergies, CT/MRI images, medications, etc.

Karen, the developer of Vital Card, shares their story on the website.

After years of organizing and juggling appointments with therapists, doctors and other professionals, memorizing surgical histories and carrying around a 10-pound pile of MRI and CT images (not to mention paying for our own copies), we knew there should be a simpler way.

We started out with a simple notebook, listing all of the tests and surgeries that occurred, but still had to read off the list to each doctor that saw us and it always seemed that none of them bothered to read Brenden’s file. Brenden’s paternal grandparents, Russ and Niki, wanted to take Brenden for a ride in their car, just a simple ride, but we wouldn’t allow it until we were comfortable knowing that they’d have all of the information they would need if anything horrible happened. Vital Card® then came to be and once it was designed, it was verified by his neurosurgeon, copied and laminated for each of his car seats, diaper bags, emergency contact people, etc. That was in June of 2001 and Vital Card® was born!

To see the pediatric version of Vital Card, and decide whether this is something that is right for you, click the link below.

Pediatric Vital Card

Disclaimer: Signposts Ministries is not involved in the sale of Vital Card in any way, shape, or form, nor are we related to or best friends with the creators. We’re simply bringing ideas your way in hopes that they’ll be helpful to you!


Annie Beth Donahue is the founder of Signposts Ministries and the mother of four children, and each of them have special health needs. Annie Beth is a specialist in musical therapy and a talented singer. She and her husband, Brad, live near Charlotte, North Carolina.