Yesterday, Christie began writing about the scriptures that came to mind when she thought about facing the year ahead. Her story continues today with the last two scriptures, but you can read her first post right here.

Love one another…

Sometimes this one can get me!  I want to love others (most of the time) but having a child with special needs changes our perspective.  When I hear others talking about our kids in negative ways because of their disability it just gets all over me.  Some of the big ones that I hear often are…

  • They can’t sit still
  • They disrupt the class
  • Don’t expect me to change any diapers
  • They can’t attend school here because we have stairs

The list can go on and on but if you just try to see Jesus in them vs. the world, then maybe you can open the conversation and offer assistance in understanding your needs as a mom or dad and the needs of your child.

I’d like to say put yourself in my shoes or would you allow others to say about your children the things you are saying about mine?  Of course I don’t because I try to allow others to see Christ through me.  When the opportunity knocks, I try and open the conversation up for them to understand what conditions Luke has, how he is progressing and then explain our journey with Christ. How Jesus provides us strength, guidance and direction for what is best for Luke as well as our other children.

God says we are to love one another as Christ loves us. He didn’t say we need to base it on conditions; you have to be perfect, wear the best clothes, own the best house or have the best wheels but that you just LOVE.  If Jesus can love me as I am and forgive me for the hundreds of mistakes I’ve made then I should forgive and love others even when they don’t understand.


Celebrating Luke’s birthday with our friends at the Waffle House!  We visit the crew about once a month now and always remember Ms. Pam in our prayers.  She kept me full of sausage and egg sandwiches while I was pregnant with Luke!

See ye first the kingdom of God…

Isn’t that a good one?  Seek ye first… not second, third or maybe after the mall, gossiping with my girls, watching TV or a football game but seek GOD first. Let us not get distracted by the world but remember to seek Him first.

This is something that I strive to achieve in my daily life but let me tell you I am no Saint! I’m human. Sometimes I just plain get so tired from all the daily activities that I don’t make the time to seek God first.  When I am in His word, seeking His direction, then you can believe God is speaking to me and I better be listening. There have been many times when I just have to look up and say out loud “Say what, really?”

On top of everything else, God says if you just follow me, seek me first then I’ll provide the rest of your needs.  If I decline and try to do things running on my own steam, I usually end up sick.  Yes, that is my punishment I just get sick (well it has seemed in my mind to work like that).  So I’ve decided I am just going to obey and see what happens!

My goal is to give God the glory for everything God has given us.  Just the other day, we were headed to meet some family because I had forgotten a gift I had purchased for my sister in law.  As I was walking out the door, the rain began to fall and I looked at Tommy, noting that I didn’t have a bag big enough to hold the wreath in so it wouldn’t get wet.  We pulled out of the driveway and looked up at the front door where a package had just been delivered. The package happened to be in a bag so that it wouldn’t get wet.  I jumped out, grabbed the package from the bag and, sure enough, the bag was the perfect size to fit the wreath. Tommy and I just look at each other and both said, thank you Jesus!  A simple request made just seconds before leaving and how simply he provided!  I know that might sound silly but I’m telling you God provides.

Now I mentioned that I am human also so for me to stay focused and in his word, I co-lead a Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday nights.  This keeps me focused on God’s word daily so that I don’t get off base on what God has in store for me.  I know as a leader I have to read so I am prepared to walk thru our discussion in the class week to week.

Luke giving us big smiles!

As you celebrate the coming year I pray that you Love one another, that you Seek Christ first and that you go and spread the word of Jesus Christ.  May 2012 be a blessing to you, may you reach your God goals and may you, your family and children be well.