We’d like to start doing a regular feature called “Community Question”. This will be a question that we pose to the Signposts Community from the Signposts Community. You can post questions on our facebook page, or email us directly at info@signpostsministries.org. And if I never respond to your email, leave a question in the comments section of the blog. Sometimes our website emails don’t always forward correctly.

When we post a Community Question, we want our readers to weigh in and provide answers in the comments section. This will help “share the wealth” of knowledge that our families have built up individually.  However, the first Community Question will be coming from the board of Signposts Ministries.

They want to know: 

“How does your church incorporate children and adults with special needs in the worship experience?”

We have found that there is quite a variance among congregations, ranging from “hide them so they can’t disrupt the service” to “we designed special programs and classes just for those with special needs” to “we fully integrate those with disabilities into our congregation and make adaptations on a case by case basis.”

What works best for your church? What works best for your family? Have you ever left a church because you felt your family was not able to worship there comfortably because you had a family member that was “different”?

Let’s steer away from bashing churches, but let’s have a constructive discussion about improving policies so that everyone can worship God unhindered by disabling environmental factors.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Annie Beth Donahue is the founder of Signposts Ministries and the mother of four children, and each of them have special health needs. Annie Beth is a specialist in musical therapy and a talented singer. She and her husband, Brad, live near Charlotte, North Carolina.