CAM01304CAM01316We are posting 2 posts from Rebecca as she works in Tanzania:

Sorry for the silence again it’s been super busy.   Last week I found an abandoned boy with cerebral palsy.  He is malnourished and both parents ran away from him.   Carla (a visiting nurse) and I found him locked in the house lying on the plastic bag and not fed for the whole day.
I have been busy trying to look for a children’s home for him.   I really thank God we found someone who could take him.
The 1st picture is of Carla accessing one of our patient and the second one is a picture of the boy who was abandoned, Nicole, the lady who is taking her, and me.
Have a great afternoon

One year ago I met this boy (Aklashi) and her mom. He has CP and his parents had lost hope to an extent of hiding him.  After talking to them Aklashi has been undergoing physical therapy.  He can now stand with support and talk.
This is a great testimony