Refugee Program

We have a refugee family that has a daughter with cerebral palsy that would benefit from having a volunteer follow them long term to check on needs, visit periodically, help communicate between the school and the family, help with transportation, etc. The little girl would benefit from being able to attend some adaptive sports programs. She has really started to flourish since moving to North Carolina, but they lack the transportation to take her activities outside the home.

Volunteers are always needed to “adopt” families and help them with a variety of things.

Social Media

We are trying to maintain the website and facebook page as reliable sources of information, and to post often.

Volunteers with technical skills (websites, coding, app design, etc) would be welcome.

Volunteers are also needed to do research for our local resources posts, help identify families for our interviews, etc. Even if you are not a “writer” there is preliminary work you can help do to make the writing easier.


Doctors or nurses that have an interest in working internationally can contact us about opportunities with the doctor training program.

Rebecca continues to need prayers and financial support in Tanzania.

Spiritual Support Groups

Continue to spread the word about our group that meets in Monroe, the third Thursday of each month, from 7-8:30pm, at New Covenant Baptist Church on Rodgers Road. Remembering to tell others about SpM is a great way to be a friend and supporter of the ministry.