We are making it official with Austin Grove Baptist church this Thursday, that they will be allowing us to store our equipment and supplies on church property. Yay!

Our greatest upcoming need is all regarding the new building project. We are still looking for either a good piece of land (for building), or an ideal existing building. We have looked at a few options, but haven’t found anything wonderful yet.

In June, we will be talking about epilepsy. If you know any families that would like to share information with us, please let me know through info@signpostsministries.org.

We are moving forward with planning for our summer service project, so anyone who wants to do manual labor can get involved with fence building and yard improvement.

Otherwise, volunteers of all skill sets can be used. Writers, computer literate, event planners, organizers, people who want to make phone calls and check on the families we serve… if you want to help SpM, there is most likely a way you can volunteer within your own giftings.

We are also interested in feedback from families that have kids with special needs on what type of services and programs you would love to see in our new building.

Have a good week!

Annie Beth