Here’s our letter from Rebecca:

The majority of the children that I minister to have cerebral palsy. Compared to other disabilities there is very little information and awareness in our community regarding cerebral palsy and this has made children who have CP to be more marginalized. Due to negative cultural perception about cerebral palsy most women are divorced as they are blamed to be the cause of their children’s disabilities and most families are usually ashamed of their children and they end up hiding them for instance in chicken’s house. This month I have met five new families of children who have CP, those with mild cases of cerebral palsy have been able to join our school while those with severe CP through our program we’ve been able to educate parents on how to take care of them. Majority of them are under community based rehabilitation and most of their parents have been taught on how to start up small scale businesses in order to take care of them. Thank you for your prayers and support friends!