The Child & Family Development center in Charlotte offers a wide range of therapy and services to help children with a variety of disorders. With a team of over 30 experts, they work to find ways to help parents and children dealing with a special need. This organization has two offices located in Charlotte and Pineville.

Child & Family Development specifically caters to ADD and ADHD with their educational services. Each of the educators on their team hold masters degrees, are experienced diagnosticians, and have experience in public schools. They use a variety of different exercises to help your child with what they need. Their services range from intensive academic therapy and test preparation to organizational skills training,

The Child & Family Development center seeks to provide help even if you don’t use their services. They offer free seminars for parents of children who are struggling with a specific task. And they post helpful videos to their Facebook page. They also post tips and insightful blog links on their page.

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