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August was an exciting month full of activities. We had a workshop for children with spina bifida with the aim of teaching their parents how to manage their children’s incontinence. The workshop went well and was attended by 12 parents. We also had home visits and we were able to identify new patients with different disabilities.
What made last month special is meeting a 15 year old girl with cerebral palsy which is secondary to hydrocephalus, the girls name is Alaina. She lost her dad at a tender age and her mom became terminally ill. As a result  she was locked up in the house with no care. Some months later  they were thrown out of their house and their property was sold by relatives. This left them in destitution for a long time with no one to help them. We are grateful to God because in partnership with different organizations we’ve been able to find them a house where they can stay, her mom has been able to start up a small scale business and Alaina will be going back to vocational training school to learn tailoring. Enjoy some of the pictures from last month and keep praying with us. God bless you all!