Rebecca has had some good moments and some very bad moments this month. Dr. Bransford is in Africa working as well, so they have been able to collaborate during this difficult time.

Last month and the beginning of this month have been pretty busy and heart breaking. It has really been hard for patients with spina bifida and hydrocephalus to access healthcare due to increasing number of patients and very few doctors as a result we ended up losing two children at the house of hope. We truly thank God because Dr. Bransford is in Kenya and we sent five children there for their surgeries. I’m really praying that more doctors can be trained in order to deal with the arising need in Tanzania. Besides that Dr. Pamela visited and we had a clinic for children with different disabilities. The encouraging is seeing children with disabilities on our school sponsorship program advancing from kindergarten to primary school. PS: The first picture is of the parents we sent to Kijabe Kenya for treatment while the second, fourth and fifth pictures are of Bakari, Ruhaina and Rehema, children with disabilities on our school sponsorship program. While the second picture is during a house visit of a parent who has a child with hydrocephalus that could not access health care.




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