Serving families with children that have chronic health problems or disabilities

About SPM



Who we are:

Parents who love their children with disabilities or chronic health needs, community members who are passionate about advocating for the disabled, people of faith who want to live out our calling to love others.

Who we serve:

While we are a faith-based organization, we desire to serve any child or family who is in need of our service.  We offer support to any child who faces a challenge to their health, whether mentally or physically.   Food allergies, mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, cancer, autism spectrum disorders- we reach out to all these communities, finding that often children have more than one diagnosis, and may have secondary as well as primary challenges.


Our purpose is to serve children with disabilities and their families in these areas:

  • By providing a social outlet and emotional support through connecting people through forums, support groups, sports groups, etc. for children with disabilities and their families.
  • By providing practical and tangible support by connecting families and children in need with financial resources, volunteer time, and/or equipment to help them cope with a disability or chronic medical condition.
  • By being a source of reliable, current information about the latest health products and research, as well as an educational resource for families and children (with and without disabilities) to learn more about living with ongoing medical or mental health needs.
  • By developing spiritual resources such as Bible studies, devotionals, and journals specific to the needs and challenges of children coping with disabilities and chronic medical conditions, and their families.


We are based in Union County, North Carolina, but our goal is to partner with ministries locally, nationally, and globally to care for children with disabilities, and support their families.  Already since our recent incorporation, we have been able to help a family locally with transportation needs and supply medical equipment to a hospital in Kenya.  We hope to be a resource in connecting people in need with resources available on both domestic and international levels.

How you can help:


  • medical supplies or equipment that are new or gently used
  • professional services such as car repair, accessible home remodeling, or health care
  • money for surgeries and supplies for children in the US and in other countries

Cost of surgery is often 5 to 10 times higher in the US than it is in third world countries.


  • Join our prayer team
  • Write for our free devotional or Bible study resources
  • Lead a support group
  • Provide respite care for a family in need
  • Assist with Signposts Ministries administrative tasks
  • Keep an eye on SPM’s Service Opportunities section.

The opportunities are endless- we all have valuable gifts to share with our community!