What Makes Signposts Ministries Different?


Signposts Ministries is a non-profit that works like a community.  Most non-profit businesses have a clear line between the people they serve and their donors and volunteers.  Here, we are not a top-down operation, we are a circle of giving.


We serve families that have children with disabilities and chronic health problems.  Do you know someone that falls into that category?


The child that struggles with learning disabilities at school.  The baby with food allergies.  The neighbor that uses a wheelchair, or was just diagnosed with cancer.  The teenager that is going through depression.  I could be describing a friend, relative, or maybe even you.


Our founders and board members all have connections to the disability community.  Our bloggers and support group leaders are in the trenches themselves.  Our missionary to children in Tanzania is a Kenyan woman with spina bifida. 


Volunteers and donors that do not have family members with disability find they are honoring friends, relatives, or clients by serving with Signposts Ministries.


Maybe you are still feeling like you can’t relate to our mission.  I can almost guarantee you that one day, your life will include a child with special needs, too.


Signposts Ministries works locally and internationally.  We believe that a good model for community comes from observing the early church in the Bible.  These small groups consistently took care of their local members.  However, when a church in another city experienced crises, all the churches pitched in to help their brothers and sisters.


Here at Signposts Ministries you’ll find a similar circle of care.  We believe that every community member (donors, volunteers, families, children) is made in the image of God.  We believe that all people have unique qualities and talents that only they can share with the world. 


We believe that during our lifetime, we all find ourselves in positions of being able to serve, and needing to be served ourselves.


Disability and chronic health problems are signposts of a fallen world.  (That’s where we got our name.)  While on our life’s journey, these signposts point us to the realization that there is something better than what we find here.  But that doesn’t mean we become resigned to the handicapping situations we find hindering our friends on this earth, looking only toward a heavenly solution.


We believe that Jesus was serious when he prayed, “…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)


Signposts Ministries is here to see that God’s will is done right here, right now.  On earth. 


We will work to remove obstacles that stand in the way of people meeting their full potential as image bearers of God. 

We will work to remove obstacles that prevent marginalized people from feeling loved and valued. 

We will work to remove obstacles that stand between people and their ability to learn what important part they can play in God’s eternal story.


Annie Beth Donahue- Founder/President