As I begin thinking about this month’s writing, I thought about the fact that it was February, the love month. Should I write about love?  I was pondering this idea when God seemed to be clearly telling me, nope, Love is truly important, as it is my greatest commandment, but this month I have something else in mind.

God didn’t start the way I expected, with providing me the direction he would have me go; instead he asked me a question. I really wish he could have picked a better question and then eased me into the real question he wanted to ask, but instead he just asked:

Are you an overachiever? 

My first thought was sure! I’m generally done with work before being asked, I’m involved in all sorts of things in the community and church and I’m always thinking two steps ahead trying to be the best that I can be with whatever I’m doing or involved with at the time.

I mentioned this topic to my best friend and she just laughed and said That should be no problem for you!  She has known me for about 20 years so I figured she’d be good person to ask and see if she agreed with the direction I felt God was leading me.  With confidence in tow I proudly sat down to write about how you too can be an overachiever for yourself, your family and children.  

That is when God hit me with another question: are you an overachiever for ME?  I’m not asking about your activities, I know you’re doing the work I’ve called you to do but are you getting filled up?

Wow…well…um…sure…I think?

Dinner for Crisis Pregnancy Center with the girls from Catawba Heights Baptist Church Fruit of the Womb small group.

Then I looked at the time I spent with God and boy did that hurt!  If I can make time for all other activities in my life then why can’t I make the time for God?  Of course I can rationalize the time I am dedicating to God through Bible Studies, attending regular Sunday worship and even leading a small group, however God was saying it’s deeper than that. Am I reading his words?  I’m doing a lot for him, but am I spending time with him?

Think about this with me for a minute, how often is God looking out for us?  Is he overachieving when he works for us and with us?  Does he ever slack off like we often do? Does he ever whisper to us, sorry Christie but today I’m focused on another family?  Does he ever whisper I’d be here for you if you would just take the time to be here for me?  Thank goodness he doesn’t base his commitment to us or reduce his love for us based on our commitment to Him.  The scripture says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you…”.  We have been saved by grace and therefore we are his children!  His children!  If I think about my children I would do anything for them!  Anything!

Last summer, Luke had brain surgery and the days were long and very rough. I don’t enjoy pain whatsoever, but I wished I could have replaced Luke and taken all the pain on myself.  There are just some things we can’t do for our children but thankfully God can!

We had one day of absolutely dreadful pain for Luke and we knew if we made it through that Wednesday, we would be ok. We cried, Luke cried and I think even the nurses were crying when they left because they could see the pain that Luke was in from the surgery. As I thought back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins, and the pain he must have endured, I am just thankful beyond words that my God is there for me all the time! The Bible says in Romans 8, If God is for us, who can be against us…

So I ask you, are you an overachiever?  Are you spending time in God’s word, reading and listening to his words of encouragement, strength and love?  If not, then I encourage you to get in the word.  I started in the New Testament and began reading from Matthew through Revelations.  Some other great books to start with are the Psalms and Proverbs. Proverbs has 31 books so it’s easy to read one a day.

There are also numerous Bible studies that will allow you to get into the word daily, where you read the word and then answer questions to help your understanding.  A great way to add this to your daily activities is to read from a children’s Bible with your children.  We’ve started  reading after dinner on Monday and Thursday nights. No one gets up until we have read a chapter or two in the Bible. My older children love it!  They love to read and then we always ask what is that chapter telling us?  What should be doing better?  Luke is beginning to get used to the kids reading and watches Noah and Emma ever so intently when they are reading.

Whatever your plan is, don’t read for yourself, instead read for God. Get into that deeper relationship with God. Get ready to be blessed beyond measure!


Christie Rainwater is wife to Tommy Rainwater and mom to Noah (11), Emma (9) and Luke (2). Luke was born with Spina Bifida in 2009. Christie works full time, teaches Bible studies for women and endeavors to promote Spina Bifida awareness. Along with her family, she has a passion for families with special needs, especially those with Spina Bifida. Christie has been teaching and working with Women for over 10 years, has worked with children and youth and is an active member of her community.