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Rebecca continues to work faithfully with the people of Tanzania. She ministers to children and families that are in difficult to reach areas. Rebecca’s latest update to Signposts Ministries included the story of Mama Abdalla.  This is a summary of what Rebecca told me:

Last year, in July, Rebecca met Mama Abdalla, a woman who had a son with club feet.  A week after Rebecca met her, Mama Abdalla’s husband divorced her because he thought that the child’s disability was a curse from the mother’s side of the family.  She was thrown out of her house with her two children.  Her close relatives secluded her and she knew no one she could turn to for support.  During Dr. Pam’s visit, Mama Abdalla came to clinic and Pam and Rebecca realized her need.  She was an enthusiastic young woman who was determined to protect and lover her son despite the situation she was going through.  Through the ministry’s disability outreach, Pam and Rebecca were able to help her start up a small grocery store so she would be able to take care of her son.  Mama Abdalla was from an Islamic background, but from the love that was shown her, she gave her life to Christ this past Wednesday.  Last week was her first time in church.  Quoting her words, she said, “I have never been loved and cared for this much.”  This is a great testimony and proof that all is not in vain.