Molly is an 8yo girl that lives in Union County, North Carolina. Join Molly and her friends, as they teach us about their differences and similarities. Each month will have a different disability focus.

One day, Molly asked her friend, Brandy, if they could play together on Saturday. Brandy said she did not think so. Brandy and her family were going to go watch her cousin Gwen’s track meet.  Molly was surprised. She knew Gwen used a walker. She knew Gwen could not run very fast. She did not know how Gwen could race. Molly asked Brandy how Gwen was able to run track. This is what Brandy said:

  1. Gwen does not race on her feet. She uses a sports wheelchair. It was made to go fast and to not flip over.
  2. Gwen is part of a Track and Field team called the Carolina Cruisers. They do most of the same things other track teams do. They even have archery, where they shoot a bow and arrow.
  3. Gwen goes to practice every week. Sometimes, she travels with her team. They go out of town to play against other adaptive teams.
  4. Some of the kids on Gwen’s team also do track with their school. Gwen’s friend, Josh, is in middle school. He is able to do wheelchair racing at his school’s meet.( )
  5. The team is not just for kids with cerebral palsy. Kids play on the adaptive team for lots of different reasons.

Molly did not mind they could not play together on Saturday. She asked Brandy to ask her mom if she could go with them to the track meet. Molly wanted to cheer for Gwen. Molly also wanted to see the kids race in their chairs. It sounded like fun. And maybe they would let her try one herself, after it was over.