Signposts Ministries is bursting at the seams! Until we get our new building ready (summer 2017), we are in immediate need of storage space for our medical equipment and supplies. Currently, donors are being declined, or pick up is being delayed, because of inability to store the equipment. If you have storage that might be available to us, please contact us through facebook, email, or the comments section of this blog.

Service Project

One of our upcoming local projects involves helping a family that needs to move to a new home. Their son has autism, and the home they are currently in is not the safest place for him to live. Here are some ways we will be helping the family:

  1. Their current home needs repairs and general freshening up. We will be helping with home projects to make the home more marketable.
  2. They are looking for a new home in the Indian Trail area. It needs to be out in the country (or at least not in a neighborhood) and have a fenced in yard. If there is no fence, the yard needs to be something they could fence in later.
  3. Once they move in to their new home, there may be more home projects to do. Safety features may need to be added to the home, and a fence may need to be build or updated/extended.

If you can help with any of these items, please let us know!