Where Do You Live?

We live in Mint Hill, NC

Tell Us About Your Family…

We are Tracey and Glenn Backus, and we have one 15 year old daughter, Caroline. Caroline has mild spastic diplegia Cerebral Palsy. She was born at 30 weeks gestation at a weight of 2 lbs 15 oz but quickly dropped to 2 lbs 9 oz. Around age 2, she was diagnosed with CP.

How Has Cerebral Palsy Impacted Your Family?

CP has impacted us greatly. We are a very sports minded family and wanted Caroline to be able to be involved like we were as children. We had to learn a whole new way of life and how to navigate school issues and therapy plans, etc. ¬† Caroline’s cerebral palsy is not that involved and she doesn’t have a lot of extra needs, but navigating the special needs world was difficult at first.

How Do You Participate In The Community?

Currently we are very involved with adaptive sports, including water skiing, basketball, track and field, weightlifting, and surfing. Caroline has an IEP for accommodations in her regular education classroom.

What Would You Tell A Family With A New Diagnosis?

For a new family, my advice would be to ask questions at every doctors visit, and search resources for community involvement. ¬†There are a ton of resources out there, and the special needs community is willing to help and is huge. Doctors, therapists, and counselors can connect you with other parents who have “been there”.