Signposts Ministries has been hard at work, looking for a suitable building that will serve as both an office and a facility in which to do programming. We are getting very close to realizing this goal, and are now at the point where we need to start looking for people to partner with us by sub-leasing the building. We will be offering very reasonable rates to therapists, tutors, or teachers that do activities that align with our goal of serving families that have kids with chronic health problems or disabilities, whether that be a service or program for typical kids in the neighborhood (to facilitate an integrative space), kids with special needs, or a program that can be an integrated program that also includes typically developing peers.

Here are links to our two ads– one for dedicated office space, one for for partial day rental. Contact info and amenities are listed in the ad.

$400 / 108ft2Pediatric Therapist Office/Children’s Classroom Space for rent

$25 / 180ft2Children’s Classroom Space for rent in 4.5 hour blocks

The total building space is over 4,000sq ft., and we will be developing a playground in the back yard.